If you use Google Chrome to optimize your website, you may already know about some of the best extensions available. SEO Minion is a free SEO Chrome extension that analyzes on-page SEO, including broken links, redirects, and SERP previews. This extension also checks rankings without personalization. Another great extension is AMP Validator, which checks AMP pages for validity and reports results via the extension’s icon. Finally, SEOStack Keyword Tool helps you find long-tail keywords and improve your ranking without spending too much time on keyword research.

PageSpeed Insights

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to see how fast your website loads. This extension is designed to simulate the experience of users on different types of devices, including desktop computers and old mobile devices. It uses lab data to measure how fast your website loads, and measures a number of factors affecting performance. With PageSpeed Insights, you can improve your site’s speed and improve your ranking in search engines.

While it may seem like a lot of work, PageSpeed Insights can help you optimize your site. This extension can also help you increase your website’s speed by recommending improvements. It works with websites hosted on Plesk servers and assigns a desktop and mobile score. It generates a report and links to recommended tools and plugins. It can also compress images for faster downloads.


The MozBar Google Chrome extension for SEO is a useful tool for analyzing websites. This extension analyzes on-page elements such as keywords and links and displays data on each of these factors. Its useful feature is to highlight the presence of a particular keyword on a web page. Users can toggle MozBar into DA mode to see how many times the keyword appears on a web page. You can also view the page’s link profile to see how well it is doing.

Another popular chrome extension is SEOQuake. It offers a similar set of features as MozBar, such as statistics for each result on the SERP, including the number of display ads, estimated visits, and more. SEOQuake is useful for both beginners and experienced users. Keywords Everywhere is another useful extension. This extension gives you statistics on the number of searches for a particular keyword and its CPC. It also provides a link to Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Tag Assistant

You may not realize how valuable the Tag Assistant Google Chrome extension for SEO is. The extension not only helps you check your tags, but it also doubles as a troubleshooter. It checks the HTML code on your site and analyses tracking tags. It also records your sessions and notifies you if anything goes wrong. It will also highlight tags that you should improve, as well as the ones that aren’t installed properly.

Basically, Tag Assistant helps you find all Google-owned tags on your site and then shows you where and how each one is being used. This tool will also pull in UA code, container ID, and the account ID of all Google Analytics and Google Remarketing tags, as well as global site tags. This is a very helpful tool if you’re running an e-commerce site. As a webmaster, you’ll definitely benefit from this extension.

N.A.P. Hunter

This extension helps to emulate the process of conducting searches on Google from any location. Specifically, it checks if your URL is one of the top 100 results. With this SEO tool, you can easily check your ranking on SERPs and find out what changes you need to make in your website’s strategy. It also shows you all the URLs in your redirect chain, as well as the amount of link juice they’ve lost.

If you specialize in outreach and link building, the Hunter Chrome extension is a must-have for you. The extension automatically downloads citation profiles related to a business’s name, address, and phone number, and highlights them with custom CSS outlines. Another free extension is NoFollow, which highlights nofollow links in the browser and lets you extract Google SERPs. You can use this SEO tool to keep track of all your competitors.


Those in the SEO business can benefit from a Chrome extension called Ubersuggest. This extension provides insights on keyword ranking, volume, backlinks, domain authority, and cost per click. You can even integrate keywords into your content using this tool. It also offers you an actionable plan so you can optimize your website’s performance. So, how does Ubersuggest work? Read on to find out how it can help your business!

First, this extension can generate blog post ideas. Besides showing keyword search volume, it also offers monthly organic traffic, CPC, and estimated monthly visits. It also offers the estimated number of visits per keyword and provides a detailed report on the number of backlinks and social shares for each keyword. With this extension, you can generate keyword ideas and see their impact on your SEO campaign. And the best part? It is free!


Using the FindThatLead Google Chrome Extension for your SEO campaigns is a great way to generate context backlinks from relevant sources. Blogger outreach is a proven method for generating backlinks, but the process can be time-consuming and difficult. The extension makes it easier by locating emails from any website or LinkedIn profile, and it verifies the email addresses before exporting them to a mailing list. With free trial credits, you’ll get 50 for free.

If you’re looking for a free extension, there are plenty of others. Keywords Everywhere, for example, offers an on-demand SEO report, while Hunter emails can be opened multiple times. Both SEO tools also provide statistics regarding your competitors’ advertising expenditure and geographic regions, so you can optimize your level of referencing. While the latter requires a premium account, its free version has many features. For instance, you can track your competitor’s site from different locations with one click.

Final Thoughts

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