A well-researched article can help your blog stand out on the web and establish a brand name. Whether you write about health or fitness, technology, or travel, well-researched articles can be highly effective in establishing a brand name and attracting readers. You can use various tools to research topics for your content plan, including Google Keyword Planner, BuzzSumo, and SEMRush.

Keyword planner

A key to blogging success is finding relevant topics to post on your blog. When you write a blog post, the most effective content is one that delivers value to the user. You can find these topics easily by using a simple notepad and an autocomplete feature in Google. You can also use a search engine tool, such as Quora, to listen to users’ queries and come up with ideas for your posts.

While researching your blog topics, keep in mind that your audience has very specific expectations when it comes to content. They might be looking for a very specific type of information, or they might be looking for something more general. When putting together your content plan, remember to write to satisfy this expectation. After all, readers expect to see a particular style of content, so why not make it a little more interesting to your audience?


To find popular topics to write about for your blog, you can use Semrush. This tool will show you the most popular topics in your niche, as well as the keywords that your competitors are using to rank for them. Once you have a list of relevant topics, you can organize them by topic category and seasonality. Then, you can start writing. In order to generate traffic for your blog, you need to write content that will be interesting to readers and help them find your blog.

SEO tools such as SEMRush are extremely beneficial for finding blog topic ideas. This tool will analyze your competitors and look for backlink opportunities to your site. By using this tool, you will be able to make your blog’s content plan more effective and profitable. You will have the knowledge to identify topics that get more traffic and revenue, as well as what your competition is focusing on. And with millions of users all over the world, Semrush will help you identify what to focus on for your blog.


When constructing a content plan for your blog, one of the first steps should be to find popular topics on the internet. If you have a niche blog, you may want to use BuzzSumo to research topics that are popular on other blogs and websites. You can also use FAQ Fox to scrape websites for popular questions and answers. Using this service, you can find the most popular questions and answers for your target audience. BuzzSumo also lets you analyze headlines and ideas for blog posts. By using this tool, you can create an alternative view or offer a different format for a popular topic. This can help you identify opportunities for longer-form posts and generate social media buzz.

Once you’ve selected a niche and created a keyword list, use BuzzSumo to find related topics. The tool also offers insights into the performance of these topics on different social networks. For example, it shows popular articles but also highlights questions. Every time you search for a topic, you’ll see whether it’s popular among readers, so you can write content around those topics.

Audience personas

When researching topics for your blog’s content plan, consider your audience’s buyer personas. This way, you can provide relevant content to your audience at different stages of the buying cycle. After all, not everyone is ready to buy your product or service when they come to your blog. During the consideration or awareness stage, they may be researching online or browsing the web. The buyer’s journey is a helpful framework for creating a content calendar that includes blog posts that address these stages.

If your audience is comprised of mostly women, consider their age, profession, and interests. Women are particularly likely to spend time on technology-related topics, while men are more likely to be interested in health and wellness. Your blog content should target these groups. You can also include a section on topics that are relevant to women and men. Using this framework can help you create content that appeals to your ideal audience and attract more visitors.

Competitive analysis

Doing competitive analysis is an essential part of developing your content plan. Competitors are the ones that steal potential customers, take your ideas, and make your content fade into obscurity. Fortunately, not all competitors are created equal. Some are stronger threats than others. First, identify who your competitors are and what they do. Then, figure out how to top their content strategy. You can also do this by doing a thorough search using tools like Google and SpyFu.

If you’re selling niche products or services, it’s critical to know your competitors well. Even if you’re selling the same thing as your competitors, knowing which products and services they have are not enough to gain an edge. A thorough competitive analysis can help you create a better marketing strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

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